23rd December 2018 – 8.30 pm

Sarah Sankey: “Birds and Wildlife in Costa Rica”: Sarah Sankey of Orcadian Wildlife talks about the colourful birds and wildlife of the wetlands and volcanic highlands of Costa Rica. From the Pacific coast to Volcan Arenal, birds featured will include the unique resplendent quetzal, sun bittern and hummingbirds; whilst the animals range from several species of monkeys to sloths and multi-coloured frogs! 

24th December 2018 – 8.45 pm

Ralph Todd: “The Natural Wonders of Iceland”: Ralph and Brenda Todd give us a fascinating insight into Iceland. Sitting just below the Arctic Circle, Iceland is perhaps one of the most dramatic countries, relatively small in size, sparsely populated away from the capital Reykjavik. Geologically quite unique with many active volcanoes and geysers, stunning scenery and fantastic bird life. 

25th December 2018 – 8 pm

Nigel Marven: “Snow Creatures – Filming with Northern Wildlife”: In his talk, TV wildlife producer, Film-maker and Presenter Nigel Marven, will tell us about some of his filming adventures in snow and ice at both poles. How do walrus, polar bears, albatross and penguins spend the Festive Season?

26th December 2018 – 8.30 pm

Steve Sankey: “The Falkland Islands”: Steve Sankey of Orcadian Wildlife shares the penguins, elephant seals and diddle-dee of the Falkland Islands with you. Johnny Rook will also feature, as will many islands full of natural and military history. You can also expect five species of penguins, an orca kill, and island life not dissimilar to Orkney!

27th December 2018 – 8.30 pm

Nigel Marven: “The Witness was a Fly – How Animals and Plants help solve Murders and Crimes”:  Animals and plants can help the police in many fascinating ways. In this talk we’ll see how flies and wasps gave the exact time of a murder. How diatoms, wood chips and pollen linked villains to the scene of their crime. How dogs are trained to sniff out arson, and we’ll meet drug busting pot-bellied pigs and find out how flies trapped a murderer in Ancient China.

28th December 2018 – 8.30 pm

Chris Rose: “Painting Demonstration”: Tonight, internationally renowned wildlife Artist Chris Rose will give a painting demonstration, where he will attempt to paint an entire picture from start to finish in the space of an hour and a half. It will be a white-knuckle ride for him but should be a lot of fun for you! At the end, the picture will be auctioned off to the audience with the money from the highest bidder going to a charity of their choice.

29th December 2018 – 8.30 pm

Nick Wilcox-Brown: “Scottish Wildlife in Winter”: Nick is wildlife photographer and wildlife cameraman and film-maker. Photographing and filming wildlife is a challenge at the best of times. The Scottish winter adds another dimension, but also a different perspective; the weather can change in a flash. Wildlife photography and film-making is all about field craft; the ability to understand and second-guess your subject, to be able to work your way towards them without disturbance.

30th December 2018 – 8.30 pm

Ashley Grove: “Trinidad and Tobago – Home of the Hummingbird”: Hummingbirds have always fascinated Ashley and his dream to one-day photograph then finally came true in November 2013. This lecture gives you not only some lovely images of these little jewels but some fascinating facts about some of the smallest birds in the world. Besides the Hummingbirds, Trinidad and Tobago has some wonderfully colourful bird life and also plays host to some of the birds we watch in disbelief of TV documentaries, like the Bell Bird, Oilbirds and Manikins.

1st January 2019 – 8.30 pm

Wendy Palmer-Grove: “Stop … and take a moment. Nature is the finest Wellbeing tonic!: At one of the busiest and often most fraught festive times of the year, Wendy will be taking things back to basics and exploring the reasons why nature is the best antidote to our fast paced and often stressful lives. We will dip our toes into why and how outdoor hobbies, such as Birdwatching can help maintain healthy minds and improve our overall wellbeing. Plus a snap shot from decades of research proving why being with trees makes us feel so good …. no tree hugging required!

17th January 2019 – 8:30 pm

James Fenton: “Wildlife and Landscapes of the Falkland Islands”: The Falkland Islands, a remote archipelago in the South Atlantic, are home to abundant wildlife. They host five species of penguin, including the largest population of gentoos in the world, and huge colonies of black-browed albatross. Additionally, numerous sea birds surround their shores. Although similar in appearance to the moorland of Britain, the flora is in fact totally different, with unique habitats such as the two-metre high stands of tussac grass and domes of Astelia peat. A striking feature of the landscape is the extensive stone runs, which have all the appearanc of glaciers of rock.

21st January 2019 – 8.30 pm

Gary Jones: “The Tale of Mr Little Owl”: Wildlife Photographer and tour guide, Gary Jones will give a talk tonight as part of his group’s photography trip here.  This talk will look at a year in the life of a Male Little Owl that lives on a farm close by to where he lives in North East Wales.

30th January 2019 – 8.30 pm

Gary Jones: “Tiger Tiger”: Ten years ago, he saw his first wild Tiger. His first words where “Tiger Tiger” sitting in a small jeep on a dusty dirt track in India. A decade on and his heart still misses a beat when he sees these amazing big cats in the wild. This talk covers his work during that time, the ups, downs and conservation work he has seen to save these amazing big cats. Many Tigers have been poached and gone missing also in that time. His presentation will bring nature’s most beautiful creature to those attending and he looks forward to sharing the many years of experience he had in this part of India.

13th February 2019 – 8.30 pm

Richard Pegler: “Scilly Sojourns”: In the British Isles, you can’t get much further from Speyside than the Isles of Scilly. The Scillies are renowned for the diversity of birds to be seen at migration time, but they are still a wonderful destination outside of these periods. Richard has been visiting the islands for the past five years and has come to love them almost as much as Speyside! His well-illustrated talk, whilst concentrating mainly on birds, will show some of many other delights of the islands.

18th February 2019 – 8.30 pm

Mike Dilger: “My Diseases and Other Animals”: My Diseases and Other Animals” is a whistle-stop tour around the world in fifty minutes. This illuminating, fun and yet informative lecture, recounts Mike’s travels over three continents while working as a research biologist in the world’s tropical forests. In addition to spending long periods in the back-of-beyond, which included encounters with both remote tribes and rare wildlife, he also managed to accumulate an impressive array of diseases such as malaria, leishmaniasis & ringworm – earning him the nick-name of ‘Britain’s most diseased man’. However, his talk is much more than just about bilharzia and botflies, as Mike also talks passionately about a number of the very real and current problems in conserving some of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots.

21st February 2019 – 8.30 pm

Mike Dilger: “Why Feather Trumps Fur”: Why are there so many more birdwatchers out there than mammal spotters? In this irreverent lecture Mike reveals why birds, as a group, are always at the top of his ‘must see’ list, while mammals languish down the bottom with slugs and snails. Showcasing some of his best One Show wildlife films to prove his point, Mike’s mission is to make you all as obsessive about birds as him!

11th March 2019 – 8.30 pm

Iolo Williams: “Life Before The Lens”: Iolo Williams tells us about his early life as an RSPB Species Officer. He describes some of the great characters he met during his 15 years working for the charity and some of the operations that didn’t go quite as planned! Birds, great stories and plenty of laughter.

18th March 2019 – 8.30 pm

Nigel Spencer: “An Evening of Wildlife Photography”: This popular talk is designed to showcase all sorts of different Species and habitats from some of the many places where Nigel has been fortunate enough to visit.  The show is a story of some of these visits, some for a couple of days to specific species such as Kingfishers and some longer-term projects such as photographing all the species of British Butterflies. From the South it includes Penguins through to Polar Bears in the North, and many more species besides.

21st March 2019 – 8.30 pm

Nigel Spencer: “Winter Wildlife”: Different types of wildlife photography create challenges, and photography in the winter can be quite a challenge!  There are many things the photographer has to deal with from short days, through to keeping warm.  Other issues can be coping with the snow in terms of focusing, and high exposure compensation which causes a lower shutter speed.  But this is all part of the challenge, and I find that winter wildlife photography can be very rewarding.

8th April 2019 – 8.30 pm

Iolo Williams: “Wildlife of the Welsh Coast”: Iolo takes us through some of the iconic wildlife of the Welsh coast, from waders to adders and dolphins to gannets. Surprisingly, we’ll hear how most of the species are flourishing in Wales but the threats of climate change and pollution are ever present.


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